Dispelling the fear of commission based wages

Dispelling the fear of commission based wages

Are you hardworking?

One of the biggest frustrations of working hard is working with others who are the complete opposite. You give 100% every day while your colleague “appears” to be busy or chooses to work slowly and actually does very little. Some of these hard working people then have to carry their colleague’s workload and go home more exhausted than what they deserve to be. The lazy worker goes home with excesses of energy while the hard worker is already contemplating an early night. To add insult to injury these two people get paid exactly the same wage.

This system is unfair!

Why should a person doing twice the work of the next person get paid the same? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Hard workers often go above and beyond and yet their reward is the same as the lazy co-worker. This leads to discontentment and loathing in the work place.

At Wolfpack Marketing we don’t believe in this system. We pay a commission based wage. We believe that people should be paid relative to their efforts. People who give 100% will earn a good wage and those that work better or harder reap further rewards. The rewards are uncapped meaning a person can actually earn whatever they wish with the right effort. This system also ensures that lazy recruits aren’t here for long, and why would they be when they’re being paid relative to their efforts? The person going above and beyond earns a wage most their friends could only dream about. The person who does an honest day’s work goes home happy with a decent wage and the “others” weed themselves out.

So, why fear a commission based wage?

At Wolfpack Marketing, targets for a good wage are realistically achievable and the additional rewards are very generous and very attractive. Unfortunately this system brings people out their comfort zone and brings an irrational sense of financial worry. We understand this is a normal human reaction but if you see one of our job postings please don’t be deterred by a commission based wage. If you truly believe in yourself and consistently work hard then you deserve to be rewarded accordingly.

Have a great day.